“Exceptionally High Vanillin Content”

Dr. Alan Chambers at the University of Florida, April 05, 2022 “We finally have the HPLC data from your vanilla beans. Your vanillin content looks to be around 3.2% on a dry weight basis.

This is exceptionally high. My favorite V.planifolia from Madagascar in 2022 came out as 2.4%. Anywhere from 1,5 to 2% out of Madagascar is commercial quality.

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Dr. Alan Chambers, University of Florida Assistant Professor - Genetics and Breeding of Tropical Fruits

Properly cured Vanilla beans have a market value that fluctuates considerably, anywhere from US $100,000 - over $500, 000 x Mt ($100 - 500 x kg) from industrial supply chain markets.

Vanilla, the second most expensive spice in the world after saffron, has the potential to outpace all other commercially grown botanical food sources, not only in Ecuador's Amazon but throughout the Amazon basin.

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Our work is rooted in ancient cultures and traditions that have exhibited a more harmonious existence between humans and our planet, while our stakeholder centered governance ensures that a higher and more diversified income ends up in the pockets of our local producers.

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