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William Garcés

Founder - CEO

With over 30 years of experience in global business development, marketing, and communication, William is a creative innovator known for delivering results and setting trends.

As the owner of YHU.life LLC, William leads the 'Amazon Alliance,' bringing together three indigenous organic farming associations, which benefits more than 4,000 Naporuna Kichwa families in Ecuador's upper Amazon.

pablo pintado

Ing. Pablo Pintado

Food Safety Engineer

Operations Manager: A Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial UTE graduate, Pablo boasts over 5 years of expertise in cGMP, HACCP, Organic Certification, and Food Safety Systems.

Since 2020, he collaborates with Kichwa communities, leveraging his process optimization skills to enhance food manufacturing efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Ing. Bryan Ruano

Agricultural Engineer

Agroforestry Agronomist: A Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School graduate, Bryan holds over 4 years of experience in rural extension and Amazonian agricultural projects.

Bryan is leading the initial phase of the vanilla odorata cultivation and multiplication project, demonstrating impressive progress.

With 5 years of experience in native beekeeping management, Bryan has been directing the company's Stingless Melipona Bee colinization iniative.

bryan ruano

Nina Shigunago

Community Development

Chakramama Leader: A Kichwa and Chrakramama woman, is a recent graduate in Bioeconomic Commerce studies at the IKIAM Amazon University.

Nina is a crucial link between the Chrakramama Foundation and local communities, she empowers women by enhancing their agricultural skills, including pruning, pollination, and cultural practices for managing vanilla odorata.

Additionally, she educates them on the proper care of the Stingless Melipona Bee colinization iniative.


Elisa & Tiofilo Shiguango

Agricultural Technicians

As a sibling duo, Tiofilo and Elisa, both agricultural technicians, oversee the company's vanilla cultivation and nursery, handle native bee hives, and are our primary field operatives.

They are also leading the reforestation of 8 hectares of abandoned pasture with native trees.

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